Franca Sozzani’s Best Vogue Italia Editorials

Words: Ellie Goodman

On 22nd December 2016, the fashion world was shocked by the news that Franca Sozzani, editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia since 1988, had passed away. Franca’s work for Vogue Italia was ground-breaking, placing image above and beyond fashion. Her partnership with Steven Meisel produced countless visually stunning editorials, touching on issues other than just the clothes themselves, using the fashion featured as an aid in telling a bigger story. Together they used the fashion image to pass commentary on the world around us, regularly in an incredibly beautiful and poignant way. From her very first issue, featuring a sepia toned image of Robin MacKintosh in a billowy, white Ferré blouse and the single line “Il Nuovo Stile”, it was clear that Franca’s reign as editor-in-chief would bring only great things. From the Black Issue, to Horror Movie, here is some of Franca Sozzani and Steven Meisel’s best work for Vogue Italia. 


1. “Makeover Madness” – July 2005, starring Linda Evangelista, by Steven Meisel  

2. “Horror Movie” – April 2014, by Steven Meisel

3. Black Issue – July 2008 (not an editorial but an awesome issue) 

4. “Make Love, Not War” – September 2007, Steven Meisel

5. “Water & Oil” – August 2010, Steven Meisel

6. “State of Emergency” – September 2006, Steven Meisel

7. “Sogno Di Donna” –June 2011, Steven Meisel, using only plus-size models