Ghost In The Shell Screening Review

Last night we got the opportunity to preview a small 15 minute section of the highly anticipated "Ghost In The Shell" starring Scarlett Johansson, In London.

Well what can we say. WOW!  Visually stunning, visually breathtaking, visually superb.

The realism in unrealism is striking, the scape of this preview, which more than likely, will translate over the entire film is gripping.

We watched the preview in 3D. It's safe to say a lot of stuff goes on. Debris flying at you left, right and even centre. We would suggest watching it in 2D if you're not used to 3D effects. 

It's a preview that mixes great ingredients. The ingredients being Guns, Robots and of-course Scarlett Johansson. 

More to come from this in the coming weeks. But so far all we can say is that you have to see this film.