The Greg Austin: Interview

Hey Greg, thank you so much for giving us the time to speak to you. We want to get straight in, so you play Charlie in “Class” can you tell us more about this role?

Charlie is almost literally a fish out of water. He's the new boy in school, having been saved from annihalation on his home planet by The Doctor, he's now the last of his kind (who happen to look like fish). Throughout the series he has to learn to fit in with the ever weird humans, whilst finding his place and his sexuality. He's a fantastic character to play, and I like to think as the show progresses he discovers more of what it is to be human.

Still on the topic of “Class” the adventures you go on look amazing, what’s the feeling like on set as it happens?

Getting to act out these crazy scenarios is wonderful as an actor, and finding the truth in each situation can be a challenge and a joy. Seeing a whole team of people working together to create an alien world really is something special, and I know the whole cast and crew bonded over the pleasure of doing it.

“Class” has been such a huge hit, do you have a personal favourite episode that we could all look out for?

My personal favourite is episode 6. It being a "bottle episode" (all set in one location), it offered some very unique obstacles, which I think helped elevate it to a shining point of the series. Although I was glad to have finished filming it, it was intense!

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On the shoot with ALONE Magazine we aimed for a gritty look to the editorial, if you were to describe yourself to the viewers that are reading this interview what would you say?

I'd say I'm pretty quiet and observant, often adapting to each situation as needs be. I'm an introvert at heart, so I'm constantly having to push myself to be sociable and outgoing, which being an actor demands!

You played Gordon Selfridge in Mr Selfridge, what was playing this role like?

 Gordon was a fantastic role for me. It was my first Television job and it gave me plenty of room to develop my craft, with so much support surrounding me. I had a lot of guidance and help from everyone involved, and it really opened my eyes to the wonderful world of the camera.

Where do you see yourself in the near future and what do you hope to be doing?

I'd love to do some film work, so hopefully with Class' success that may happen soon!

Is there any personal goal that you wish to achieve in your career or do you have a favourite director that you wish to work with?

It's probably a bit silly, but ever since I was a kid I've had the dream to play James Bond. So, who knows, maybe in fifteen years or so I may get the chance if I'm exceedingly lucky!

Enough about work, what does Greg do in his spare time?

I'm a huge geek, dedicating a lot of my time to gaming, the internet and my YouTube channel. If I'm not out in nature or working on a job, I'll be in front of a computer in some form!

Photos: Axel Johnson
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