Kanye has Yellow Hair. We take a look back at some of his most iconic hairstyles

Love him or hate him, we're all still talking about him. Kanye West. Known for his Fashion, ideology and of course his music. But the founder of Yeezy doesn't just focus on his clothes. We take a look at some of his most iconic hairstyles over the past few years. Starting with his newest snow cone inspired look.

Kanye West seen with the his look whilst heading to the movies in L.A. 

The dreamy Kanye. Wind machine and all, letting the air do the rest.

The arrow look. Of course, following the arrows leads you to the money maker. 

The mohawk - mullet cross combo

Rather like the founder of ALONE. Kanye taking it back to basics.

Maybe a deep metaphor within the hairstyle. Getting lost in your thoughts, losing track or finding a solution.

You know what it is! PINK AND YELLOW PINK AND YELLOW...