Zoe Boyle: Interview

Words: Ellie Goodman

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You’ve got a really impressive CV, Zoe! What have you found to be your most transformative role so far?

Well that's very nice of you to say! I've been lucky that I've managed to play quite a variation of roles in my career so far. I always thought I'd do a lot of whimsical period drama stuff so I guess maybe my most transformative role was playing Trinity Ashby in Sons of Anarchy. She was a  member of a Belfast biker gang. Pretty removed from period drama whimsy!

What do you usually do to prepare for your roles?

It depends on the role. I always read the script a ridiculous number of times to make sure I'm in the world. And then I do as much research around the material as possible. I've also had to do a few accents for roles so I hammer the accent coaching for those parts!

Your performance in Frontier is absolutely incredible! What’s been the best part about playing Grace?

Thank you! I love playing Grace. She's a real tough cookie, a strong woman in a very male dominated environment. So that really speaks to the feminist in me! I also love how intelligent she is. It's satisfying to play someone so much smarter than yourself - I've got to work hard to keep up with her! 

You play Rhona in Witless on BBC3, please tell us more about this and your role in it?

Witless is a comedy thriller about two girls who go into witness protection after witnessing a gang shooting. I play Rhona who is super uptight and unable to handle the situation very well, whereas her friend Leanne (Kerry Howard) loves the chance to show off her "acting" skills. The show's a great mix of comedy and action and I love doing it. It's the first time I've done a proper comedy and it's so fun. I'm really proud of the show. 

What do you like do most to wind down when you’re not working?

I socialise a bit too much! I go to the theatre a lot and am currently indulging in cinema outings to pretty much every film in the running for an oscar! 

Witless series 2 is currently on BBC 3’

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