"The New Kid On The Block" Zine #1

"The New Kid On The Block" Zine #1

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"The New Kid On The Block" 

Our First Issue takes a fresh look on the fresh. Combined with features on the inspiring. 

100% Recycled Paper

16 Pages (not stapled)

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So you’re no longer ALONE.

I remember a few years back when I first had this idea of creating a magazine that’s not just for the unreachable. I’m sure, like myself, you’ve felt those times of not belonging or having those feelings of burning desire to push and prove. I guess thats just part of growth. I wanted to bundle up these emotions and portray to you a magazine that won’t be overlooked or ignored. Or won’t be shutdown every time you try and speak . A magazine where it’s okay to take risks and to have your own voice. Enough with the battle cry. 

Welcome to the First Issue

“The New Kid On The Block” The issue that takes a fresh look on the fresh. We’ve focused our attention on the Up and Coming. We thought it would be an appropriate place to start. We have combined our love for the 90’s with a hyper real finish to introduce you to the next big things.

ALONE Magazine is inspired by the contemporary glossy but with a millennial generation twist. Our modern take on the traditional glossy is underlined by this Issue being made from 100% recycled paper.

From everyone at ALONE Magazine we encourage you, the reader, to dream big, sit back and take us with you.

Alexander Lee